Quizlet is a wonderful site which enables students to study terms and definitions using a variety of activities. However, it is not a perfect solution when using images. Below is a quick tutorial on how to best utilize this program.

Quizlet Study Set Instructions

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The activities are
listed here.

When you first open a set, “Musical Symbols and Terms” in this case,
this is what you will see -

<p><b>NOTE:</b>Some activities in Quizlet are not ideal for the study of the Primo Theory sets.</p>

"Speller" is not suited to study sets with images.

"Space Race" involves quick typing and is not ideal for younger students.

Choose a game by clicking on the box. Let's try "Flashcards" -

Now the questions for all the games will begin with the musical image.
You may switch to other activities and the setting (circled) will remain.

Change the setting to “Both Sides” to see both sides of the card at the same time.

IMPORTANT: Make the following setting changes to use the activities effectively.

Use "Shuffle" to randomize the order of questions.

Change the "START WITH" setting to "Photos".

When using the “Test” activity, uncheck the “Matching” question type (it can be quite confusing when using certain sets).