Quizlet was created by Andrew Sutherland and released to the public in 2007. As of January 2014, Quizlet's free study tools are used by students and teachers throughout the world with over 35 million user-generated sets and more than 11 million registered users. With a free account teachers can create up to 8 classes and share study sets publicly or by invitation only. If the teacher uses the paid service there are more features available. There is no need to sign up or create an account - simply follow the links given and the student can begin using the sets straight away. The Primo Theory Series utilizes this great tool to enhance the learning experience of students.

Teachers: Getting Started With Your Quizlet Sets

The Student can choose from 6 activities: Flashcards, Learn, Speller, Test, Scatter, and Space Race.

NOTE: These activites are not equally suitable for the study of ALL sets. The teacher will find the usability charts provided to be a useful starting point in determining which activities to use for the various study sets. Please review the following resources carefully:

Usability Charts

How to apply the correct settings for some activites

Helpful Notes on the Activities

When using sets containing images 1) change the "START WITH" setting (found on the right hand panel) to "Photos" and, 2) use the "Shuffle" button to randomize the order.

This activity requires exact spelling. It's best to study the spellings used in the list you see when you first open the set. For example, "D-flat" will be incorrect when the list spells "D flat" (no hyphen).

Not suitable for certain sets where the same answer is used repeatedly, and best used for definitions for levels 5 through 12.

For best results, go to "Question Types" (on the right panel) and uncheck "Matching". Also, set the "Start With" section to "Photos".

This activity is effective for all types of study sets. However, avoid using this activity on mobile phones.

Space Race
This activity can only be used on a desktop and involves quick typing. It is generally not ideal for younger students unless the answers are very short (for example, note identification or interval identification).

NOTE: When using Quizlet on your mobile device, it is best to download the Quizlet app for best results. However, this is not necessary.

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How Quizlet works

Teacher Quick Start Guide

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Create a class for your students

If this is not enough to get you started, Quizlet has many helpful links at their Help Center

Still not sure? Please don't hesitate to email for help.

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