Use the links below to access materials for level 5 of the Primo Music Theory Series.

Level 5 Resources

p.15 - Rhythm Worksheets
Rhythmic Dictation
p.30 - Interval Focus
Melodic Dictation
p.59 - Definitions App

Ear-Training Apps

Workbook References
Teacher's Resources
Rhythm Worksheets

Supplementary Materials

Level 5 Updates

Check here for updates on new additions.

8/25/14 - New basic melodic dictation drills added for level 5 - this set of drills is not part of the standard set of Assigned and Supplemental Dictation apps. This set is more preliminary in nature and is meant to aid the student who is trainsitioning from simple melodic pattern recognition to true melodic dictation.

3/18/14 - New rhythm worksheets added to levels 5 - 12. Includes basic drills and challenging exercises.

3/15/14 - Teacher's Resources link added: Answer sheets for assigned rhythmic and melodic dication exercises included.

Workbook Resources
p.16 - Rhythic Dictation: Assignment 27
p.16 - Rhythic Dictation: Extra Rhythms
p.56 - Melodic Dictation: Assignment 1
p.57 - Melodic Dictation: Extra Melodies
2-Measure Melodic Dictation Drills
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