p.28 - Rhythmic Dictation: Extra Sheets
p.46 - Listening Exercises: Recognizing the Major Triad
p.49 - Ear Training: Melodic Patterns
p. 57 - Definitions

Use the links below to access materials for level 4 of the Primo Music Theory Series.

Level 4 Resources

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Workbook Resources

Quizlet Sets

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Workbook References

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Level 4 Updates

Check here for updates on new additions.

9/27/14 - New Quizlet study sets added - A fun way for students to master the materials. All the materials conform to the TMTA (Whitlock) Theory Test.

Need help using Quizlet? Go here for info

Need help using Quizlet? Go here for info.

8-Phase Lesson Plan: Colored Page Map

Teacher's Resources

8-Phase Lesson Plan: Page Map, blank template
8-Phase Lesson Plan: Student Assignment Sheet