Use the links below to access materials for level 12 of the Primo Music Theory Series.

Level 12 Resources

Ear-Training Apps

Workbook References

Rhythmic Dictation
Melodic Dictation: Major Melodies
Melodic Dictation: Minor Melodies
p.29 - More Sight-Singing in Major
p.32 - More Sight-Singing in Minor
p.59 - Sonata-Allegro Form Analysis
p.63 - Definitions App
Workbook Resources
Teacher's Resources
Rhythm Worksheets

Supplementary Materials

Level 12 Updates

Check here for updates on new additions.

8/04/14 - New sight-singing worksheets added for level 12 - improved and expanded.

3/18/14 - New rhythm worksheets added to levels 5 - 12. Includes basic drills and challenging exercises.

3/15/14 - Teacher's Resources link added: Answer sheets for assigned rhythmic and melodic dication exercises included.

6/9/14 - Minor Melodies added for sight-singing and dictation. Major melodies coming in the next few days.

p.7 - Rhythmic Dictation: Assignment 4
p.7 - Rhythmic Dictation: Extra Rhythms
p.48 - Melodic Dictation: Assignment 3 (Major Melodies)
p.49 - Melodic Dictation: Extra Major Melodies
p.50 - Melodic Dictation: Assignment 4 (Minor Melodies)
p.50 - Melodic Dictation: Extra Minor Melodies
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